Sponsors and Gratitude

A tribute to Kelly Hutchinson and Rob Watkins 💖
It is with great pleasure and honour that we have been granted permission to use the term HangOut in our gathering logo, as originally coined by our beloved Kelly and Rob, founders of HOUK (HangOut UK) in 2006.
Since the first humble gathering of around 60 players with mainly D minor Hang Hang, HOUK has grown into the highlight in the calendar of pan players worldwide : a HangOut that feels like a big family reunion.
Following the legacy of such a beautiful gathering and having been fortunate in attending a few times, this name was the first one that popped into our minds when searching for a name for our Greek gathering.
We hope to offer the same warmth, love, fun and passion as HOUK has done these past 12 years.
We are so grateful to Kelly and Rob for having created this wonderful gathering, which is a gift to our community and a great inspiration for other festivals such as HONA and thank them for allowing the term ” HangOut” to spread to other corners of the globe : HOUSA, HangUut, and now HONA ! Let the music go on !!!🎶🎵🎼
Where there is love, there is sharing!

Blue Star Ferries will be our official transportation sponsor for the event and is offering us:

1. 50 % off passengers and vehicles Piraeus-Naxos line Blue Star Ferries between 23/05-31/05
2. 50% off passengers and vehicles *inter – Cyclades Blue Star Ferries ( same dates )
How can I get the discount?
1. Add your Contact Details (for every person you booked a ticket for) to our spreadsheet (after booking your ticket)
2. Call +30 210 8919800 for reservations , at least 3 days before travelling . Mention : Naxos HangOut , then the name of person who booked.

*other nearby islands in the Aegean.