Full Program HONA 2018

Your support has really been outstanding so far and we have tried hard to make things easier for as many as possible to join our tribe’s fest this summer.

This summer that is right around the corner here in Naxos. The flowers have blossomed everywhere emitting their fragrance and casting wild colors on the eye.

A sweet breeze enfolds the traveler and the landscape inspires peace in the soul.

The summer here is lovely for another reason too.

A number of plants offer their fruit, like strawberries, nectarines, apricots, pears, plums and more.

The transition from Spring to Summer is always a wonderful period to witness in all its aspects.

Beautiful moments cherished in nature, like the dipping of the feet in the sand, or the childlike play underwater and the scorching sun.

What better way to celebrate this summer than with music, friends and a joyful mood!

After some little tweaking that needed to be done, here is our updated program for Hona this May.

Music Performances HONA 2018