Imagine a place where the colour blue is everywhere and meets with the yellow of the sun, in a dancelike manner.

Imagine green and a gentle wind caressing your aura.

Now imagine this place where a peculiar tribe of people with fast fingers and weird looking ufo-like instruments gather, to share their latest inspirations and connect through steel.

That place is called heart

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About Naxos

Naxos island is the biggest island in the Cyclades and amazingly beautiful. Next to many terrific beaches the island has also many historical sites, churches, mountains and green valleys.
It’s ideal for hiking, cycling or exploring the island by car or quad. You can do water sports, horseback riding, excursions around the island by bus or boat and much more.
Or explore the kastro in Naxos town: a labyrinth of small streets and steps, bourgainvillea, cats and small boutiques, which goes from close to the port of Naxos all the way up to the Venetian castle.
Also if you don’t like to lie on the beach all day Naxos is a wonderful place for your holiday. There are many “things to do”.
Less known is that Naxos has also a very active nightlife. All along Agia Anna and Plaka beach are many restaurants, taverns (some with live music), beach bars and clubs.
Some stay open till the morning.
And don’t worry: you won’t hear them on Maragas Beach.
In Naxos town are also several bigger clubs.

How to get here (please check FAQ section for more detailed information)
By ferry
There are daily ferries from Piraeus and Rafina (ports of Athens), Santorini and Mykonos.
For more information and bookings visit

By plane
From most European cities there are direct flights to Athens, Santorini, Mykonos and Crete. Check the websites of the airline companies in your country for times and rates. There are daily direct flights from Athens International Airport to Naxos.
For more information and bookings visit www.Olympicair.com.