Artists and Workshops

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Dani Galfioni

The amazing Dani Galfioni will share his versatility and love for music with us live on stage. Long live the kind rebel!


Dom Aversano

Dom Aversano is a multi-instrumentalist percussionist and composer who is influenced by South Indian Carnatic music, his music explores patterns related to geometric forms, and ideas around expanding and contracting time.


Il Ponte

Il Ponte is the new blood pumping hard in the veins of an ever evolving handpan community.

We are more than happy to have him on board.


Vitaliy Iva Ivanov is a great influence and a very unique musician and human being.

We couldn’t be happier for him being a part of our very first Gathering.


It is a great honour and joy for us that Kabeção is supporting our first Gathering and is going to be here and share magical moments with us through his golden fingers.


We are more than happy to share the stage with Marlia.

A great vocalist, human being and sound traveler from Cyprus. 🌻🌺🌞

You can check more of her projects here

Marlia project_Ode to Self album

Marcel Hutter

Marcel Hutter is one of our favorite handpan players to listen to and we are so happy that is going to be with us in Naxos.

Spyros Pan

Our beloved player and friend Spyros Pan will perform for us and share his latest inspirations on steel.



Beginners Handpan Workshop

In my workshop I want to teach you the basic technicques on the handpan including finger techniques and some basic rhythms.

Also, I want to tell you how I compose my songs and tell you how I see the instrument.

Free with a ticket

Music as Meditation – A healing journey through sound

Traveling through soundscapes and inner landscapes which allow deeper listening and relaxation.

Opening up to different vibrations, inspired by traditional music from the East Mediterranean and beyond.

Free with a ticket

Rhythms from Greece and the East Mediterranean

Exploring oriental and uneven rhythms, such as 5/8, 7/8, 9/8,…
An ocean of possibilities!

Free with a ticket

Yoga for the Mind, Body and Soul with Athena

Αthina Baziotopoulou teaches yoga focused on breathing and connecting with mother nature along with body alignment and body’s energy lines. She believes we are  a perfect instrument, a musical wave of consciousness and light and she invites us to listen to our own rhythm.

Free with a ticket

Qi Gong with Zhenya

A gentle Qi Gong (Yuan Gong) practice to unify Mind Body and Qi (spirit).
The focus of the workshop will be quieting the mind, cultivating a Qi Gong state, and increasing the Qi and Qi flow between the hands and heart.
<> Theory of Qi, Jing and Shen (roughly translated as “mind, body and soul”) will as well be covered. <>
See you in the Qi Field.

Free with a ticket

Archetypal Movement Workshop with Ona

In archetypal movement, we explore the terrains of the elements, the archetypes, our emotions, our inward terrains and embellished outward expressions.

We learn to embody the confident, embrace and play out our shadows, flow like water, become and enhance our tensions so as to release.

This is a cathartic and expressive process of simultaneously deep inward journeying and connecting with our innate forms of expression, and pure play.

Drawing on influences of butoh, theater, psychology, interpretive dance and dance therapy, this workshop is suitable for all genders, ethnicities, ages, non dancers and dancers, actors, self explorers… humans.

Free with a ticket

Capoeira for Kids with Dayela

The children (3-6, 7-12 years) playfully learn how to have fun moving around as animals and develop their own animal flow with the elements from the great fight-dance-game Capoeira (Angola).

While moving around as lions, spiders, frogs and zebras, in cartwheels and handstands, not only the kids creativity but also their motor skills and coordination are being encouraged.

At the end of the workshop, we will be able to play this capoeira game in the circle(roda).

About Dayela

Dayela discovered and loved the ludic style of Capoeira Angola in Australia and Europe in 2001. Since 2002 she trains in Munich, in the independent group “Entre Amigos” (

Meanwhile, the Capoeira Angola has firmly rooted in her life.
Since 2011, she also teaches children, as she is keen to support them to discover and manifest their inner great potential.

Free with a ticket

Singing Circles with Marlia Project

Free with a ticket

Special Workshops (additional costs)

Advanced Handpan Workshop

Workshop with Kabeção « Tools for improving your musicality | Elements of Awareness »

The connection between a musician and their instrument is something very special and unique. Only with a burning devotion and experience can one create a deep connection.

Elements of Groove, Emotions, and “Something to Say” is fundamental in how you approach your instrument. This, of course, can be applied to your Handpan and ALL other instruments.

In this workshop, Kabeção will share his experience and tools to help your musicality and open you up to new ways to improve your overall play and practice going forward.

Time – 3 hours
Price – 49 €
Participants – 10 (Limited Participants)

Music of the Sun Pantam Workshop with Christian Amín

At this workshop we want to focus on music as an expression of the soul.

The main intention is to find a balance between a technical approach
involving skills and the mystical side of sound healing frequencies and
your own individual expression on the instrument.

To me the Pantam is not only an instrument to express deep emotions but
also a tool to tune the body and the voice.
So I want to encourage you
find a comfortable sound in your voice that accomplishes with the tuning
of the Pantam.
Once your Hands have found a basic rhythm that you can
easily follow along we want to shift the awareness to the voice and
explore different tonalities which would fit to the harmonies you can
play on your instrument.
Lately the silence between the notes is to be given more emphasis than
to fill empty spaces with many beats.Depending on the scales of instruments you will bring to the workshop we
also want to focus on playing together and bring the experience into
something essential in music: communication with each other.
Level of Players: Intermediate
Max number of participants: 13
Duration: 3 hours approx.
Price: 33€

An Introduction to Konnakol for Handpan with Dom Aversano


Developing one’s inner music is key to technical and artistic mastery. In this workshop Dom shows how the ancient Indian rhythmic artform of konnakol can revolutionise a person’s approach to the handpan, and develop our own inner music world.

Konnakol allows a person to practice music without an instrument, making previously unproductive time creative and fulfilling. Dom has learned for years directly from one of the world’s great masters of this artform, Sri Balachander (Ravi Shankar, Anouska Shankar).

Participants will leave this workshop with a new and fresh approach to their handpan practice, and with months’ worth of exercises that will help invogorate anyone who feels their practice may be in a rut, or just in need of some new input.

Konnakol can turn your musical world upside down, and this workshop aims to do just that.

Level of Players: all

Duration 3 hours
Max No 12 people
Cost: 38€

Flute Making Workshop – The Art and Process of creating a Shakuhachi

In this workshop we are going to explore the craft of creating a shakuhachi, the traditional Japanese flute instrument.

The bamboo flute first came to Japan from China during the 6th century.
Much of the shakuhachi’s subtlety lies in its rich tone colouring, and the ability for its variation.

Equipped with reeds and bamboos, as our raw materials, we will guide you through A to Z in the art of making your very own shakuhachi.

Scales depend primarily on the length of the stick while there is a special mathematic formula that when applied brings a beautiful pentatonic range to the instrument.

Also during the workshop we will have the chance to introduce to you certain playing technics and help you gain a better understanding on how this instrument is being played.

All these things and many more we are going to find out step by step in a 4-5 hour workshop near by the sea.

The course will be taught my Menandros and Leontis.

Max number of participants: 30
Duration: 5 hours approx.

Find out more about The Shakuhachi here

Price: 22€

Individual Body-work/Massage session with Eva

I would like to offer my long-term experience of practice with body-work (different kinds of Massage Techniques) at this beautiful location to you beautiful people.

30 Minutes Back/Neck 25/30 Euros
60 Minutes Full-Body 50/60 Euros
90 Minutes Full-Body 75/85 Euros

Prices can be negotiated, so that even people with a low budget don’t get left out.

If you are interested in my work

I’m very happy to be part of this Event and looking forward to see you there…. 











Therapy RC, cell regeneration with Alexandros Elion

Throughout HONA I will offer individual sessions that harmonize the energy body, the nervous system and increase the rate of cell reproduction to performers and whoever is in need of.
The technique is taught by Rene Mey. It takes place as the person stands upright and takes about 5-8 minutes. It consists of some rhythmic hand movements in the spine and gentle passages in the palms. The result is immediately felt and the technique is absolutely safe and pleasant to everyone.

Free with a ticket

Chi Kung. The art of movement with Alexandros Elion

There are four types of motion that correspond to the elements. The water is slow and relaxed, the earth slow and dynamic, the fire explosive and the air fast with fluctuations. The body blooms and exercises evenly.

Free with a ticket

Personal healing sessions can take place upon demand with a certain fee. You can contact me in HONA for more details.

I am Alexandros Elion and I have been working on mind and body therapeutics since 1999.
I thoroughly study and investigate the mechanics of the body and the spirit and I have managed to organize the traditional knowledge passed down to me by my teachers, as well as what I have discovered in practice, in a holistic system called Alchemy of the Body. .It is holistic as healing, knowledge and art occur simultaneously.The first stage begins with physical cultivation and then comes spiritual.